Franchise Opporunities

Franchise opportunities.

It’s a young franchise model going to open stores in big cities soon. So be ready for a big adventure and feel proud to be a part of the success story.


Why paddy’s Pizzaria?

Paddy’s make pizza more interesting!

It’s not just the finest ingredients we use, but the way we combine them to create unique combinations that are adventures in flavour. We make our pizza the authentic way, relying on instinct and measuring by hand rather than following a traditional and gourmet recipe. 

Our Local style business model extends beyond our menu, all the way through to a customer’s experience in a paddy’s store. While there are commonalities in store design, we Endeavor to keep the local pizzeria feel in our store design and customer experience. We believe “A smile in every slice”. We Provide you with the most Crispy, Tasty and Delightful Pizza as per your Size, Toppings, and Quantity. Paddy’s is not just a franchise; it’s a family.


If you are ready to connect and cultivate customer experiences ‘paddy’s pizzeria welcome to you.


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