Starters 10" 13"

Garlic Bread:
Lightly toasted garlic and herb bread. $4.50
Garlic Pizza:
Tomato base topped with cheese. $5.90 $7.90
Herb and Garlic Pizza:
Garlic flavoured oil base topped with cheese. $5.90 $7.90
Sweet Chilli Pizza:
Sweet chilli base topped with cheese. $5.90 $7.90
Fruit Salad
Sticky BBQ Pork Ribs: $15.00 half rack $29.00 full rack

Ice Creams:
Magnum, Cornetto, Paddle Pop, Gaytime, Splice, Chocolate Mousse, Callipo

500ml containers available in Chocolate, Bacio (chocolate hazelnut), Strawberry, Banana, Lemon and Mango.

*Prices subject to change at anytime.